Blank Realm

Ep 300 – Live Wires: A Retrospective

Photo: Branko Cosic/Scott Mercer/Darragh Murray – Domenico Natoli It’s the end of the year, the end of the decade and the 300th episode of Live Delay! To celebrate, past Live Delay producers Darragh Murray and Branko Cosic return to the studio to share their memories of bringing live music to community radio over the past seven years. Featuring highlights from …

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EP 165: Mere Women; Blank Realm

Mere Women Recorded by Harvey O’Sullivan Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan Recorded at Brighton Up Bar (Volumes 2015), Sydney, 29th August 2015. Starting off in 2011 Mere Women create a dark, and dreamy style of tunes best described as post punk goth pop. Wasting no time in sharing their gloomy tunes with the world they have released two full albums with the legendary …

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100th Episode Spectacular!

We’re celebrating our 100th episode in true Live Delay style! Welcome back to the program Darragh Murray (Live Delay host – 2013) who will be helping pick our top 10 moments from the last two years of the show – The highs, the lows and everything in between. Featuring songs from: Blank Realm Harmony Useless Children Gooch Palms Mope City …

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Episode 60: Treehouse; Thigh Master

Treehouse Recorded by Luke Walsh. Mixed by Luke Walsh. Recorded at Greenslopes Bowls Club, FEB 22 2014. Treehouse are a three-piece grunge ensemble that formed around three years ago in Hobart’s Eastern Shore block. These young lads follow a similar thread of raw and uncompromising rock n roll energy that was bursting from the seems of 90s Tasmania, by and …

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Episode 58: Circular Keys; Lucy Cliché

Circular Keys Recorded by Joshua Watson. Mixed by Joshua Watson. Recorded at The Brisbane Powerhouse, Sep 14 2013. Circular Keys are an electronic duo from the big smoke, Melbourne. Their enormous live-presence comes from the 6-string axe; Dennis Santiago shows you how much you can accomplish with an aluminium guitar and a table of pedals. While he’s preoccupied with laying …

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