VOLUMES Festival

EP 217: Budd; Nick Allbrook

Photo: Justin Edwards (Budd) / Peter Dovgan (Nick Allbrook) Budd Recorded by Reuben Aptroot Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at Sonic Masala Festival, Brisbane, 13th August 2016 Starting up in Brisbane in 1991, Budd was formed out of a love for the Seattle sound and Fuzz guitar pedals. The foundation of Budd was created by Jeremy Finlayson on guitars; with …

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Ep 208: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding; RVG

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Photo: Dani Hansen Recorded & Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan Recorded at Brighton Up Bar, VOLUMES Festival, Sydney, 27th August 2016 Lo-fi darlings Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, which is the brainchild of Craig Dermody, and has also featured members of Bushwalking, Peak Twins and Beaches during its existence. The Neighbours-touting name aside, the music of Scott & …

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Ep 206: Donny Benet; Laura Jean

Donny Benet Photo: Mikey Carr Recorded & Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan Recorded at VOLUMES Festival, Sydney, 27th August 2016 Donny Benet is a Sydney based disco artist, best known for his anachronistic music style, and recontextualisation of 80’s disco music into modern production. His first record ‘Don’t Hold Back’ came out in 2011 and cemented his style as an artist. His second …

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