The Zoo

EP 174: Coda Conduct; Valley 109

Coda Conduct Recorded by Harvey O’Sullivan Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan Mastered by Andrew Edgson Recorded at Carriageworks as part of the FBi SMAC Awards, Sydney, 10th January 2016. Originally from Canberra but now living in Sydney, members Erica and Sally are winning fans all over with their high energy performances and engaging brand of hip hop. Drawing inspirations from the …

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EP 140; Faleepo Francisco

Faleepo Francisco Recorded and Mixed by Reuben Aptroot Recorded at The Zoo, Brisbane, 18th September 2015. Founded in 2012, Faleepo Francisco spawned from the bases of a cover band, when three of the members decided to start writing and performing their own material. Consisting of two guitars and drums, they’ve crafted a sound that is comparable to big name bassless …

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Episode 117: SixFtHick; Ultrafeedy

SixFtHick Recorded & Mixed by Branko Cosic. Recorded at Prince Of Wales Hotel, Nundah, Brisbane on the 17th of January, 2015. Celebrating their 20th year as a band this year, SixFtHick definitely have a lot to show for it. Brothers Ben & Geoff Corbett front the band with their outlandish antics and massive presence. Nobody leaves the venue without at …

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Episode 7: Tape/Off; The Horrortones; The Mouldy Lovers

Lucky seven! And Live Delay episode seven is going to be a really special event indeed. We bring you three great and very different Brisbane bands in their element – live on stage! TAPE/OFF Set 1 recorded by Sky Kirkham and mixed by Branko Cosic. Set 2 recorded by Murray Paas and mixed by Cameron Smith. We bring you not …

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