Ela Stiles

EP 154: Scraps; Ela Stiles

Scraps Recorded by Josh Watson Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at The Grand Central Hotel, 12th December 2015. Describing herself as a “Z-grade Madonna from Venus, Texas, controlling a microcosm of Yamahas and synthetic electro-machines”, Scraps is the moniker for local Brisbane artist Laura Hill. Starting in 2006 with little more than a small keyboard she got given as a gift, …

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Episode 71: Ela Stiles; Tight Slip

Ela Stiles Recorded by Josh Watson & Mino Peric. Mixed by Josh Watson. Recorded at The Brightside, Apr 4 2014. You might know Ela Stiles from some of the bands she’s played in over the last couple of years: Songs and Bushwalking. It was that band Songs which she began with Max Doyle that saw he focus shift from modelling …

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