Episode 71: Ela Stiles; Tight Slip


Ela Stiles
Recorded by Josh Watson & Mino Peric.
Mixed by Josh Watson.
Recorded at The Brightside, Apr 4 2014.

You might know Ela Stiles from some of the bands she’s played in over the last couple of years: Songs and Bushwalking. It was that band Songs which she began with Max Doyle that saw he focus shift from modelling to music. With Karl Scullin (Kes Band, Mum Smokes) and Nisa Venerosa (Fabulous Diamonds) there is Bushwalking, a psych three-piece that she originally formed to work on her solo songs. It turned out to be more of a band than a solo project and they released their second LP ‘ No Enter’ in September last year. Now it’s 2014, it’s time for something new and completely different. Ela’s debut record boasts a completely acapella B-side, which takes a lot of guts.

For more information on Ela Stiles and to buy her debut LP, head over to Bedroom Suck Records.

Photo by Makeda Zucco. http://blanketcanvassing.blogspot.com.au
Photo by Makeda Zucco. http://blanketcanvassing.blogspot.com.au

Tight Slip
Recorded by Andrew McLellan.
Mixed by Andrew McLellan.
Recorded at Black Bear Lodge, Aug 24 2012.

Tight Slip were a band active in the Brisbane underground rock scene around 2011-2013. They spun-off from another group called ‘Loose Grip’ a band which consists of the members of Tight Slip plus one Sam McCabe. Both groups were the brain-child of Kieren Lavering and while Loose Grip had a 7” on Bedroom Suck Record, Tight Slip regrettably have nothing to show for their short run bar a few live recordings on vimeo. There’s still time for this power pop powerhouse to make a comeback. Maybe this will motivate them.

To listen to Loose Grip’s Cereal 7″ head over to the Bedroom Suck bandcamp.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 16 May 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

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