Ep 425 – DancingWater


Live at Yonder Festival Amphitheatre, Mary Valley, 27 Nov 2021

DancingWater are an explosive Meanjin-based neo soul/funk group with an acerbic passion for truth-telling and revolution that spills into punk territory. DancingWater is also the name of the band’s frontwoman and vocalist, in this episode’s performance from 2021’s Yonder Festival DancingWater simmers with charisma and tension as she delivers her vision with feelings to an enraptured audience. At the time of this performance, the band claimed to be ‘under 12 months old’, and so this particular show is a porthole into the heady first year of a major performing talent. Outspoken and incredibly talented, DancingWater will surely go on to raise the temperature in Australia’s music scene, for all of the reasons. Enjoy this uninhibited set from DancingWater, performing live at the Yonder Festival Amphitheatre in the Mary Valley on the 27th of November, 2021.

Recorded & Mixed by Will Hibbard
Special thanks to venue engineer Zack

Host & co-producer: Matt Hall
Audio producer: Dave Arens
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 4 June 2023

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