Ep 415 – Total Pace

Live Delay Episode 415 featuring Total Pace

Total Pace:


Live at the Zoo, Fortitude Valley, 9 December 2022


Just another four-part Frankenband from Meanjin? No. With their powers combined, Branko Cosic (Tape/Off, Gold Stars), Luke Henery (Violent Soho), Simon Ridley (DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor) and Mathew Somers (I Heart Hiroshima) are TOTAL PACE. When they’re not chugging away at their own brand of DIY punk, they’re chugging beers and getting ready to take over the world. Specifically, that part of the world where they keep the beer. Total Pace are one of those supergroup side-projects with a mind of its own, this episode we’ve captured them at an incandescent high playing at The Zoo for that venue’s 30th birthday celebration in December of 2020.


Recorded by Dave Arens

Mixed by Dave Arens

Special thanks to live engineer Ben Slade



Show production, engineer and host: Matt Hall

Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 19 February 2023


Extra Songs:

Tape/Off – ‘Peggy’s Lookout’, ‘Half Sunk’, ‘Wake in Fright’, ‘Paris Texas Queensland’, ‘Day In, Day Out’ & ‘Work Xmas Party’ Live at Sonic Masala Fest, 17 August 2019

Recorded by James Fearn-Wannan

Mixed by Branko Cosic

Originally broadcast in Live Delay ep. 292

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