Ep 412 – Alter Boy

Alter Boy:

Live at Yonder Festival Amphitheatre Stage, Mary Valley, 26 November 2021

This episode Live Delay has captured a spellbinding performance from Perth queerlectro pop band Alter Boy. A incredibly unique band -besides the nacreous sheen of oozing talent- Alter Boy identifies as a deaf or hard-of-hearing band, with three of their members identifying as such. Their darkly jubilant music champions trans and queer identities, and the band have taken pains to integrate Auslan translation into all of their performances. Implementing heavy bass and sub tones throughout their oeuvre is yet another way for Alter Boy to connect with their deaf and hearing-impaired community. This particular set was recorded live at Yonder Festival’s Amphitheatre stage in 2021, somewhere around the Scenic Rim of South-east Queensland.

Recorded by Tim Allison
Mixed by Tyrell Short
Special thanks to live engineer Zack

Extra songs:
Monet’s Pond – “Meant to Be”, “Feel Right” & “Floating in the Air”
Recorded by Will Hibbard
Mixed by Tyrell Short
Special thanks to live engineer Alex
Originally broadcast on Live Delay ep. 401

Show production and engineering: Dave Arens & Matt Hall
Host: Matt Hall
Originally aired via ZedDigital, 7-8pm, Sunday 11 December, 2022

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