EP 177: Babaganouj; The Goon Sax



Recorded by Tim Roberts
Mixed by Tim Roberts
Recorded at The Foundry, Brisbane, 20th of March 2015.

Starting in 2011, Babaganouj have become an absolute songwriting powerhouse in the last 5 years releasing too many singles and EP’s to name, as well as touring the east coast more times than we can keep track of. Their garage pop sound is always dripping with the glowing sunbeams you can expect from a Brisbane band, but what makes them unique is songwriting and vocal duties are shared equally between the three members Harriette Pilbeam, Ruby McGregor, and Charles Sale. They’ve even taken the extra step in this direction by recording three separate EP’s for release this year, with each one written solely by one member. And although they may share the songwriting duties, their songs are always catchy, upbeat, and there to keep the good times rolling.

The Goon Sax


Recorded by Branko Cosic
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, 25th of June 2016.

Like their name would probably indicate, The Goon Sax are a teenage trio who write songs bout being an awkward adolescent, while still being that awkward adolescent. Their songs cover everything from home haircuts, ice cream, and not being able to work at target. Put simply they have found a way to turn the mundane pieces of growing up in suburbia and write catchy, jangly indie pop songs about it.  Their debut album ‘Up to Anything’ has seen them tour nationally and internationally, and even scored great reviews from international tastemaker publications Pitchfork and NME.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 11th September 2016.
Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

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