Sonic Masala

EP 243: Biscotti & Dumb Things

Photo: Marcus Salvagno (B) Laura Marsh (DT) Biscotti Engineered by Owen McKern Recorded at PBS FM Studio’s, Melbourne, 9th February 2018 Biscotti is Melbourne based producer and multi instrumentalist Carla Ori’s solo project. While also playing as a part of Empat Lima, Biscotti allows Ori to fashion evocative sounds which create otherworldly landscapes and guide the listener through different scenes. Her first …

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EP 235: Seja; McKisko

Photo: Justin Edwards Seja Recorded and mixed by Reuben Aptroot Recorded at Sonic Masala Fest, Brisbane, 19th August 2017 Brisbane via Germany musician Seja Vogel, has had a prolific career since starting her first band Sekiden in 1998. Once signed to Modular they released 2 albums and 2 EP’s, touring extensively throughout Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA. She was also …

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EP 233: Sunscreen; Soda Eaves

Photo: Ted’s Records (Sunscreen), Justin Edwards (SE) Sunscreen Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at The Brightside Brisbane, 27th August 2017 Sunscreen is a band from Sydney’s Inner West. Fronted by Sarah Sykes (from Flowertruck) and Alexander McDonald, Sunscreen’s emotional guitar-pop draws inspiration from bands Mazzy Star and The Go-Betweens, delivering ultimate UV protection for the emotions and soul. …

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Ep 197: Shrapnel; Agency

Shrapnel Photo: Ted’s Records Recorded by Sam Lowe Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, 21st January 2017 Shrapnel is the brainchild of Sydney-sider Sam Wilkinson, previously known from other outfits Day Ravies and Mope City. The five-piece indie-rock band is comprised of an all-star cast, also featuring members of Dollar Bar, Miners, and Weak Boys. Their debut album …

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Ep 182: Sleepwalks; You Beauty!

Sleepwalks photo by Stephanie Audet Recorded by Reuben Aptroot Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at Sonic Masala Festival, Brisbane, 13th of August 2016. Starting up in the tail end of the noughties in Brisbane, Sleepwalks is a unity between three friends, David Hansford, Kevin Fincham and Damien Masters, and their love for loud yet simply structured music, known to some as the ‘Grunge’ …

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EP 178: Edith Thomas Furey; Undead Apes

Edith Thomas Furey Recorded & mixed by Reuben Aptroot. Recorded at The Brightside, Brisbane, 4th March 2016.  Coming from Brisbane, this one man band is the brain product of Joel Glazebrook. Using an elaborate setup of synths, drum machines, guitars, and loop pedals both in the studio and for live performances, Edith Thomas Furey create catchy new wave post punk with an …

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