EP 159: Amaringo; Scrabbled

Amaringo  Recorded by Branko Cosic Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, 20th March 2016. Named in honour of the late, great Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo, Amaringo’s music combines songwriter Singer-Drummer Allie Ng-Lee’s native Californian psych-rock soul with Guitarist Nathan Kearney’s dark and emotive guitar playing. Only 6 months into their existence the duo have already supported Pikelet, Kitchen’s Floor, California Girls, FOREVR and more. Their debut EP gives nods to Can, The Zombies and The …

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Episode 90: Dud Pills; Scrabbled

Dud Pills Recorded by Patrick Lockwood. Mixed by Patrick Lockwood. Recorded at The Metro, Adelaide. 24 November 2013. Did you know that some of the fellas from Bitch Prefect were all in a short-lived band called Dud Pills? Pat Telfer, Liam Kenny and their mate Pete who allegedly punched a guy so hard that a tooth got embedded in his …

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