No Anchor

EP 181: Grieg; Eat Laser Scumbag!

Grieg Recorded by Reuben Aptroot Mixed by Branko Cosic Recorded at Crowbar, Brisbane 10th of June 2016. Featuring members from almost every prominent Brisbane punk band through the 2000’s, Grieg features Alex Gillies; member of No Anchor and A Savage God on drums, Tamara Dawn from Hits and Gazoonga Attack on Bass, John Mercer from Undead Apes and Dick Nasty on guitar, and Lance …

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Episode 51: No Anchor

Prepare thy ears! Today’s we’ve got an earth shattering episode of Live Delay, with a serve of hard rock trio No Anchor for your pleasure. NO ANCHOR Recorded by Darragh Murray (with some help from Cameron Smith). Mixed by Cameron Smith. Recorded at The Waiting Room, May 2013. One wonders if Ian Rogers, Alex Gillies and Donavan Miller – the …

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