Ep 417 – Splat Acrobat

Splat Acrobat:

Live at the Triffid, Newstead, 2 May 2022.


Splat Acrobat are a Meanjin-Brisbane alternative rock outfit who officially broke up in late 1993 when Pete Fergusson moved to Townsville, but on a few rare occasions since they’ve got together again for a gig or two. The Splats were famous from their conception in early 1990 til their breakup for legendary house shows on Cracknell St in Annerley, although they frequented local contemporary venues like the Shamrock, The Orient Hotel and The Zoo. This set from Splat Acrobat was one of several recorded at the ‘Bright Blazing Meg-A-Party Fundraiser’ held in honour of The Double Happiness bassist Meg Welchman at Triffid on the 2nd of May, 2022.


Recorded by Scott Mercer

Mixed by Nigel Lee

Special thanks to Niz Yacoub and Dylan Ransom-Hughes



Show production and host: Matt Hall

Audio producer: Dave Arens

Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday March 5 2023


Extra Songs:

Sammm. – “Holes In Walls (Bathroom Stalls)”, “Kid”, “Vegas”, “Like Us”, “Four Eyes” and “Faye” live at the The Bearded Lady, 14 March 2020.

Recorded by Nell Forster

Mixed by Jack B-Jones

Originally broadcast in Live Delay ep. 328

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