Ep 399 – Fascinator and Nathan John Kearney & James Eyre Walker


Live at Yonder Festival, Mary Valley, 30 November 2019

Fascinator is the solo project of Johnny Mackay, A.K.A. Lord Fascinator. In a parallel life he is also the guitarist and lead singer in rock band Children Collide. Fascinator started as a side project in electronic music at the peak of Children Collide’s success. After Mackay moved to New York in 2010, he got more serious about the side project, becoming known for wild, experimental live shows that could either feature a dozen people onstage playing air instruments or just him DJ-ing.

The first Fascinator studio releases were the EPs “Birth” and “Earth” in 2013, followed by albums “Man” in 2016, “Water Sign” in 2018″ and “Beyoğlu” in 2020.

Recorded by Lauren Holyoak
Mixed by Diwan Randhawa

Nathan John Kearney & James Eyre Walker:

Live at Sonic Masala Fest, The Triffid, Newstead, 14 August 2021

Nathan John Kearney has been heavily involved in Brisbane DIY music for over ten years, playing in many bands and having a variety of roles here at community radio station 4ZZZ. His solo releases are bookended by the the albums “Pockmarket” from 2012 and “Soft Blankets” from 2020, with several EPs in between: “Low Key” in 2013, “Minimal Animal” in 2015 and “4 Songs” in 2016. He currently plays in the bands Camping and Lackadaisies. James Eyre Walker has similarly close ties to the Brisbane music community, and is perhaps best known as the drummer of Requin, and plays pedal steel guitar with Kearney in Camping.

This set you’re about to hear was unplanned. At the 2021 installment of Sonic Masala Fest, the band Spirit Bunny had to pull out due to illness at very short notice. Kearney, who had already played that day with Lackadaisies and Walker, who was there as a punter, got up to fill in the spot with an impromptu set on guitar and drums.

At the start of this set you’ll hear festival co-organiser Jack McDonnell give a brief introduction explaining the situation.

Recorded by James Fearn-Wannan
Mixed by Diwan Randhawa
Special thanks to live engineer Reuben Aptroot

Extra song:
Amaringo – “Mountain” live at The Bearded Lady, 20 March 2016
Recorded by Branko Cosic
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Originally broadcast in Live Delay ep. 159

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 25 July, 2021

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