Ep 397 – Shandy


Live at The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley, 17 April 2021

Shandy are a five piece-piece rock ‘n roll group from Brisbane. They formed at a local soccer match in 2013 when singer JJ Speedball pitched bass player Viktor Guard an idea for a new band. It would be inspired by British “bovver rock”, mixed with the Australian “Sharpie” youth subculture from the 1970s. Guard agreed it was a great idea and ordered a round of shandies from the bar to celebrate, thus giving the band their name.

Originally a trio, Shandy expanded to a five-piece and released their debut album “Tough Pucker” in 2015. They toured Europe several times, which led to the release of live album “Live in Rennes” in 2021. They are currently working on their second studio album, “Hard Yakka”.

This set you’re about to hear was recorded at Blowhard’s “The Last Blow” gig.

Recorded by James Potts
Mixed by Will Hibbard

Extra songs:
Blowhard – “You’re Too Cool”, “Stuck In My Dreams”, “Diamond St (The Toxic Waste Bop)”, “Sexual DV8”, “I’m Broke”, “Hey Taxi” live at The Tivoli, 17 April 2021
Recorded by James Potts
Mixed by James Potts
Originally broadcast in Live Delay ep. 387

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 26 June, 2022

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