Ep 355 – Middle Name Dance Band

Middle Name Dance Band:

Live at Yonder Festival, Mary Valley, 30 November 2019

Middle Name Dance Band are a trio of established Brisbane musicians spanning many genres but brought together by a love of jamming and making people move their butts. The players are Sam Pogglioli, better known as producer and DJ Sampology, Megan Christensen, a.k.a. KUZKO, also from the band Pink Matter, and Sam Maguire, a.k.a. producer and DJ Sam Stosuur, who has also played bass for Astro Travelers and Tiana Khasi.

The three started jamming together in early 2018 and at first only intended to release one EP together, but the positive response to their live shows and recordings led to them staying together. Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol 1 was released in 2018, followed by Vol 2 in 2020.

Recorded by Taine Josephson
Mixed by Joe McCormack

This set was mixed by an audio production student from the Queensland University of Technology as part of their course.

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 2 May, 2021

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