Ep 334 – McKisko and Gordon Koang

For this episode we have a pair of sets recorded as part of 4ZZZ’s Sounds Like Community Radio live-to-air broadcast during Bigsound 2019.

Present year excluded, Bigsound is an annual music industry conference/festival taking place in venues across Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley over the course of a week. Bands, artists and associated industry types flock to the Valley to make connections, trade war stories and, depending on who you are, either find the next big thing or convince others that the next big thing is you.

Last year 4ZZZ, in conjunction with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (or, the CBAA’s AMRAP) threw open the station doors for a day of live music from a diverse range of artists and interviews with community radio music directors from around the country.


Live at Studio 3, 4ZZZ, Fortitude Valley, 3 September 2019

Helen Franzmann, a.k.a. McKisko, is no stranger to Live Delay, having been previously featured in episodes 235 and 278. Her unique, haunting strain of folk, augmented by layered loop pedal constructions has been captivating Brisbane audiences for over ten years. Her debut album, “Glorio”, was released in 2009, followed by “Eximo” in 2013 and “Southerly” in 2019.

Recorded by Lachy Gleeson
Mixed by Finn Diggles

Gordon Koang:

Live at Studio 3, 4ZZZ, Fortitude Valley, 3 September 2019

In 2013, Gordon Koang was a successful musician with nine albums under his belt when violent political unrest forced him to leave his home in what is now South Sudan. Seeking asylum in Australia, Koang settled in Melbourne and joined the local music community, hooking up with the Music in Exile label, itself an offshoot of Bedroom Suck Records.

After five years of uncertainty, Koang was finally granted a permanent protection visa by the Australian government and in August 2020 released his first locally-recorded album, titled “Unity”.

Recorded by Lachy Gleeson
Mixed by Finn Diggles

Part one of two. Click here for part two.

4ZZZ Live Delay ยท Live Delay – Ep 334 – McKisko and Gordon Koang

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 20 September, 2020

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