Ep 282 – SixFtHick


SixFtHick – Justin Edwards


Recorded by Nell Forster
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Bearded Lady, West End, 21 September 2018

It’s hard to even begin to describe SixFtHick when so many great music writers have had a crack and not even come close at scratching the surface. They formed in 1995 and have consistently played and blown audiences faces off since then. They are comprised of Tony Giacca on bass, Dan Baebler on guitar, Alan Noonan on drums and Geoff and Gentle Ben Corbett as the twin front men. They are guttural, they fuel that growl in your chest as their music swirls and twists you into a frenzy. A word that gets thrown around with SixFtHick is primal and it’s hard to argue against as every song makes you feel like you can kick that door down and take on the world. Their live show is something of a spectacle as that energy manifests itself on stage with acrobatics, swinging from rafters and some of the most intense hip moving that would put Elvis to shame. They have toured consistently around the world since their inception and have supported giants like The White Stripes, TISM, Beasts of Bourbon and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They have released four albums: Chicken in 2000, Lap of Luxury in 2002, Cane Trash in 2006 and 2008’s On The Rocks. The band have been integral to Brisbane and have sprouted many bands as offsets such as The Tremors, Shifting Sands and Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands. If you’d like to see more on SixFtHick there is a great documentary that was released in 2010 called 6FtHick: Notes From The Underground which focuses on their third European tour where they performed fifteen shows in eighteen days.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 23 June, 2019

Show host: Jack McDonnell

Show production and engineering: Scott Mercer

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