Episode 75: Breakdance The Dawn


Breakdance the dawn is a DIY experimental music label that originated in the Blue Mountains but has been based out of Real Bad Music in Marooka for the past several years. Matt Earle is the man behind the tapes and CD-Rs that have received overseas acclaim from alternative music press like Wire Magazine as well as a hoard of fans through Glasgow’s Volcanic Tongue mail-order distro.

There’s been a steady stream of releases over the past few years and soon they’ll be celebrating the 200th release. Real Bad Music is the venue / house that Matt and his girlfriend Nicola, it’s also known as the magic mile house made famous from the iconic photo of Ed Kuepper standing in front of the old signs from when it were a brothel. Real Bad has picked up from where regular experimental music events like Audiopollen, Disembraining Machine, New Improvised Music Series left off in the constant ebb and flow of available venues for ‘that sort of sound’.

For this episode we’ve featured just a couple of the many bands that have appeared on Breakdance the Dawn. A big bunch of talented individuals across 2 bands, but it’s only just the tip of the iceberg.

X Wave
Recorded by Dusty Anastassiou.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at Chardons Corner, Annerley, May 24 2014.

Girls Girls Girls
Recorded by Joshua Watson.
Mixed by Dusty Anastassiou.
Recorded at The Underdog, Brisbane, Mar 29 2014.

Breakdance the Dawn – Official Webpage
Breakdance the Dawn on Bandcamp
Breakdance the Dawn on Volcanic Tongue

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 20 June 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

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