Episode 74: Rainbow Chan; Buzz Kull


Rainbow Chan

Recorded at Fbi Social, March 14 2013.

Rainbow Chan is an electro-pop solo artist from Sydney. Rainbow had a massive 2013 with her debut Ep ‘Long Vacation’ that was released by Silo Arts in July. It was well received, spawned a bunch of videos as well as remix by Nick Zinner of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Impressive stuff that’s hard to top. Her latest single ‘Fruit’ just got the video treatment too (pssst it also appears on the 12” vinyl version of the Long Vacation EP).

Watch the video for fruit on The ‘Tube.


Buzz Kull
Recorded by Harvey O’Sullivan and Thomas Hack.
Mixed by Harvey O’Sullivan.
Recorded at The Manning Bar, Aug 31 2013.

Buzz Kull is Marcel Whyler and Rebecca Liston, in 2013 they released their debut 7” single on Fabrika Records and on the B-side cover of Q Lazzarus’ ‘Goodbye Horses’. That may give you an idea of their ‘vibe’, dark electronic post punk. Not satisfied with just a slab of hot wax the duo also released an EP entitled ‘ Heat’ on bandcamp back in October. They’ve started off 2014 with a cover of New Order’s Blue Monday and surely more hazy smoke machine shows are right around the corner.

Check out Buzz Kull’s collected recorded output over at their bandcamp.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 13 June 2014.
Show production and engineering: Josh Watson.

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