Ep 435 – Perry Street Park

Perry Street Park:

Live at Lazy Days Festival, The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, 3 June 2023

Perry Street Park are a Meanjin-Brisbane based pop-rock band that crystallised around sessions with Benny Nelson around 2018. After a long time working on material during the COVID-19, Nelson announced the formation of Perry Street Park at a live show supporting Paul Kelly in 2021, the full line-up consisting of Benny Nelson, Sebastian ‘Baz’ Jennings-Hingston, Ryan Brook and Harry Shakespeare. As Perry Street Park they’ve released five singles and one EP, three of those singles released in 2023 and that could only mean this is their best year yet. This episode features Perry Street Park performing live at Lazy Days festival at the Zoo in Fortitude Valley.

Recorded and mixed by Dave Arens
Special thanks to venue engineer Luke Woods


Extra songs:
Melaleuca – “Minutes”, “Jane’s in Town” and “Face Down” Live at The Zoo on the 9th of December 2022
Recorded by Dave Arens
Mixed by Tyrell Short
Originally broadcast on Live Delay episode 424


Show production, engineering and host: Matt Hall
Audio production and volunteer coordination: Dave Arens
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 12 November 2023

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