Ep 306 – Ainslie Wills Part 1


Ainslie Wills – Rich Yeah

Ainslie Wills:

Live at Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley, 28th August 2019

Ainslie Wills started making her own music after hearing the seminal Jeff Buckley album “Grace” and has hardly let up since. Since the debut of her first self-titled EP in 2007, she has toured and recorded across the country, releasing the “Somebody For Everyone” EP in 2010, “You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine” album in 2013, “Oh The Gold” EP in 2015 and most recently the album “All You Have Is All You Need” in 2019.

She frequently collaborates with musician Lawrence Folvig and producer Jono Steer, both of whom were present when this set was recorded – Folvig playing in the band onstage and Steer behind the mixing desk. On the Brisbane leg of this tour, a reverential Wednesday night audience witnessed some extraordinary musical highlights as well as some more humorous moments.

Recorded by Scott Mercer
Mixed by Tynan Iland
Special thanks to live engineer Jono Steer

Show production, engineering and host: Scott Mercer
Originally aired via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 9 February, 2020

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