Ep 266 – Eliza & The Delusionals; Bad Bangers

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Photos Justin Edwards and Modmove

Eliza And The Delusionals

Recorded by Reuben Aptroot
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Triffid, Brisbane, 17th August 2018

First off lets get stuck into an amazing set by Eliza and The Delusionals. This set was recorded at The Triffid when the Gold Coast band were supporting Luca Brasi on their tour (which if you’re interested was Episode 264 of Live Delay). Eliza and The Delusionals started in 2015 and have been playing consistently all over the country at some of the biggest venues and festivals we have to offer. They are an enigmatic live act. They deliver their powerful indie rock sound with big guitar riffs and lead singer Eliza entices with a strong and engaging voice. They have released various singles and an EP in 2017 called ‘The Deeper End’. They have really refined their live performance and this set is one that can’t be missed.


Bad Bangers

Recorded by Kelly Schinkel
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Sonic Masala Festival, Brisbane, 18th August 2018

Bad Bangers are a wicked punk duo combining the forces of vocalist and guitarist Alex and Vocalist and drummer Joe. They have been playing stages delivering their punk energy and winning crowds over with their good vibes and catchy tunes. They released their first EP in 2016 and have released singles with the latest recording being 2018s Hooray For Everything. They bring the energy, with large distorted guitar riffs and fast crashing drum fills. I was lucky enough to witness this set filled with big tracks from their EPs at Sonic Masala Festival and can attest to how tight their set was.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 3rd of February, 2019.

Show host: Jack McDonnell

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

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