Ep 213 – BIGSOUND 2016 Special – Week 3

Ep 213 InDesign BIGSOUND Wk 3Photo: Bobby Rein/Justin Ma/Jaala Alex


Recorded by Daniel Maher
Mixed by Thomas Stenning
Recorded at Ric’s Big Backyard, Brisbane, 7th September 2016


Recorded & Mixed by Reuben Aptroot
Recorded at The New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, 7th September 2016

Owen Rabbit

Recorded & Mixed by Daniel Nelson
Recorded at The Brightside, Brisbane, 7th September 2016

Rebel Yell

Recorded by Sam Lowe
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Woolly Mammoth Alehouse Stage, Brisbane, 8th September 2016

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 7-8pm, Sunday 9th of July 2017.

Show production and engineering: Branko Cosic.

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