Episode 62: Mope City; Worm Crown


Mope City
Recorded by Luke Walsh.
Mixed by Luke Walsh.
Recorded at The Greenslopes Bowls Club, Feb 22 2014.

Mope City formed in Marrickville at the end of 2012. Matt Nev fronts the band half the time; he’s been involved in Day Ravies, Drown Under and Snotty Babies. For the other half of the time Amaya Lang of Snotty Babies sings lead. Rounding out the classic power-trio formation is Sam Wilkinson of Day Ravies fame manning the skins.

Mope City write songs on the sadder side of life which is not surprising seeing as the Sydney music scene is a fairly depressing state of affairs at the moment. When NSW Police Minister Michael Gallacher said that the ‘Sydney live music scene is dead’ it wasn’t exactly encouraging for local musicians, but I doubt it matters at all to Mope City. Matt sounds way more despondent than Kurt Cobain ever did. This is real rainy-day music, like early Failure, Chavez and Built to Spill. As if the only Go-Betweens song they’ve ever heard is Apology Accepted.

For more information on Mope City check out their Bandcamp page.


Worm Crown
Recorded by Luke Walsh
Mixed by Luke Walsh.
Recorded at The Greenslopes Bowls Club, Feb 22 2014.

Worm Crown are a three piece from Melbourne, they play hard rock or punk rock. Their brand of rock ‘n’ roll sits somewhere in the middle of the two – a bit like Danish band Iceage. They’ve independently released a few EPs, which you can listen to on their bandcamp page. Those recordings document the band’s gestation period – only fairly recently have they become the pummelling amp-melting unit that they are today, or at least were on the 22nd of February.

For more information on Worm Crown check out their Bandcamp.

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 21 March 2014.
Show production and engineering: Joshua Watson.

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