Episode 34: Sucks; The Vasco Era


Order a sponge, and get ready to wipe yourself down. Live Delay is getting sweaty this week with some great live tunes from two excellent live acts. First up is snotty Sydney punks, SUCKS, followed by an extended set from journeymen rock act THE VASCO ERA.

Recorded by Darragh Murray.
Mixed by Cameron Smith.
Recorded at The Beetle Bar, Brisbane.

Sucks sound like a pack of loveable brats. A three-piece from Sydney, the band describe their music as ‘shit punk’ – arguably a slight misnomer, as their aggressive music is highly listenable, arguably continuing the great Australian underground punk music tradition.

Live Delay managed to catch the band when they were last up here, supporting Brisbane comrades Nikko at The Beetle Bar back in December 2013. It’s short and sweet but also immense. The band have got a forthcoming 7” available in October 2013 recorded with the help of Lincoln Brown from Housewives, but why not stay up and catch some of their live wizardry via Live Delay?

Find out more about Sucks.

Recorded at the Changing Lanes Festival, September 2011, Sydney.
Recorded and Produced by FBi Radio Sydney.

Originally from Apollo Bay in Victoria, The Vasco Era launched themselves into the public consciousness after winning a university band competition way back in the early years of the noughties, winning over fans with their unique brand of bluesy rock and roll.. Gaining critical appeal for their recorded works along with their excellent live show, The Vasco Era released three well-received long players including their recent self-titled third record.

The set we’ve got for you tonight shows them at their electric best, playing many of their big hits and a couple of interesting covers to boot. Taken from the Changing Lanes festival back in September 2011 in Surry Hills, Sydney, this set was kindly provided to Live Delay by our friends at FBi Radio in Sydney.

Find out more about The Vasco Era.

Stream via Soundcloud

Airing details: Zed Digital (8pm Friday September 6 2013) & 4ZZZ FM (11pm Thursday September 12 2013)
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Cameron Smith, FBi Radio Sydney.

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