Episode 30: Wonderfuls; Totally Autumn

Danny and Bobby

Episode 30 of Live Delay takes in the sombreness of Brisbane’s Wonderfuls plus a few live tracks from the 2011 Totally Autumn festival.

Recorded and mixed by Will Clark.
Recorded at The Tribal Theatre, Brisbane.

Wonderfuls record Salty Town was one of the best Brisbane releases of the 2012. An eccentric duo of Robert Vagg and Danny McGirr with a skill for detailing the ravaging nature of the everyday. Live Delay were lucky to catch up with the group when they played The Tribal Theatre back in May 2013 as part of Guilt Retreat.

Features an introduction by Shaun Prescott of Crawlspace magazine.

Find out more about Wonderfuls.

Recorded by Liza Harvey

Rounding out episode 30 of Live Delay is a neat collection of low fi and perhaps substance fuelled rock and roll from the Totally Autumn festival back in September 2011. This collection of songs features live tunes from DEAD FARMERS, SLUG GUTS and BARE GRILLZ.

Stream episode via Soundcloud:

Airing details: Originally via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 9 August 2013.
Show production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Shaun Prescott, Liza Harvey, Will Clarke.

WONDERFULS – There Is Only Blood
WONDERFULS – Freezing Cold
WONDERFULS – Offerings
WONDERFULS – Where Does It End?
BARE GRILLZ – Lee Majors
BARE GRILLZ – Robert Pattinson Foot Tattoo
SLUG GUTS – Black Sports
SLUG GUTS – Chrome Crucifix

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