Episode 10: Bitch Prefect; Dreamtime

Bitch Prefect (Photo by Justin Edwards)
Bitch Prefect (Photo by Justin Edwards)

Episode 10! Who would have thunk it? To celebrate, we have two great sets for you to sink your teeth into. First we take a visit to the south of the nation, celebrating the jangle pop of BITCH PREFECT. We then follow it up with a vicious forehand from Brisbane psych band DREAMTIME. Tune in, because these are great! That’s a good enough reason, yeah?

Recorded by Andrew McLellan and mixed by Harry Byrne.
Recorded at The Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley.

Bitch Prefect are Pat Telfer, Scott O’Hara and Liam Kenny and once upon a time emerged from a sharehouse in Adelaide, but, like so many other bands do, moved to Melbourne a few years back. In 2012 they put out their debut record via bedroom suck by the name of ‘Big Time’, a well received release that featured the deliciously depressing but wholly relatable single ‘Bad Decisions’. The band managed to make it up to Brisbane in August 2012 during the launch tour for Big Time and played 4ZZZ’s GET HAPPIER festival and we were fortunate enough to be present to get a recording.

Find out more about Bitch Prefect.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QD_MCDrfPI&w=560&h=315]

Recorded and mixed by Sky Kirkham
Recorded at The Primitive Room, Spring Hill.

Dreamtime have been kicking around Brisbane for a few years now, putting out a well received self titled LP in late 2011, and following it up with the sprawling noise of SUN in late 2012 – a great sophomore record filled with distant soundscapes, wailing guitars and percussive elements that herald an imminent storm. Counting groups like The Cosmic Dead, Six Organs of Admittance, and the Psychic Ills among their influences, Dreamtime have caught the attentions of fans near and far, and are heading to the Austin Psych fest in Texas in April 2013. This recording made by Sky Kirkham for Live Delay comes from their set at 2012’s ROCK TO TRANSMIT at the Primitive Room in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Find out more about Dreamtime.

Airing details: First aired via Zed Digital, 8-9pm, Friday 15 March 2013.
Production and engineering: Darragh Murray.
Kudos: Andrew McLellan, Harry Byrne, Sky Kirkham, Black Bear Lodge, The Primitive Room.

Bitch Prefect photo by Justin Edwards. Used with permission.

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